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How to determine your ring size in a simple and fun way

Knowing your ring size is essential if you're planning to buy one for yourself or someone else. Often, most people don't know their ring size accurately. But don't worry, in this blog, I will show you simple and entertaining ways to discover your ring size. Let's dive into the fascinating world of rings!

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The importance of knowing your ring size

Before starting to measure, it's important to understand why it's essential to know your ring size. Imagine buying a beautiful ring, but when it arrives, it doesn't fit! This can be frustrating and may result in unnecessary shipping and return costs. Knowing your ring size not only saves you time and money but also ensures that your new ring is comfortable to wear.

How to measure your ring size at home?

Now that we understand the importance, let's see how to measure your ring size in a fun and simple way. Here are three methods you can try:

1. Use a string or thread:

  • Step 1: Find a piece of soft and flexible string or thread.

  • Step 2: Wrap it around the widest part of your finger, typically the ring finger.

  • Step 3: Mark the point where the string overlaps.

  • Step 4: Measure the length of the string from the end to the mark using a ruler.

  • Step 5: Compare the length in millimeters to a ring size chart to determine your size.

2. Use a paper strip:

  • Step 1: Cut a strip of paper that is approximately 1 cm wide.

  • Step 2: Wrap the paper strip around your finger and mark where the ends overlap.

  • Step 3: Measure the length of the paper strip with a ruler.

  • Step 4: Convert the length into millimeters and look up your size on a ring size chart.

3. Try with rings you already have:

  • Step 1: Find a ring that fits well on the finger where you intend to wear your new ring.

  • Step 2: Place the ring on a ruler and measure the inner diameter in millimeters.

  • Step 3: Use the diameter to find your size on a ring size chart.

Extra Tip:

If you're buying a ring for someone else and don't want them to find out, you can use one of their rings while they sleep and measure it using the third method.


Knowing your ring size is crucial before making a purchase or giving one as a gift. The DIY methods are simple, but be sure to follow the instructions accurately. So go ahead, measure your ring size, and get ready to confidently showcase your new accessories! Have fun exploring the world of rings and find the perfect size for yourself or that special someone!

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